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Organic Supergreens Watermelon

Organic Supergreens Watermelon

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Organic SuperGreens is designed to give you the benefits of juicing every day, without the hassle. This mixable powder is full of nutrients sourced directly from premium superfoods like spirulina for healthy detoxification† and ashwagandha to help your body fight the effects of stress.† On top of the greens and botanicals in this blend, you’ll get clinically studied probiotic Bacillus coagulans to help support a healthy gut.†


  • Can be added to any smoothie (or even water) for a neutral greens taste
  • Spirulina & Chlorella 
  • Provides a more robust fruit and veggie profile
  • No use of high-temperature processing methods that can damage nutrients
  • Clinically studied Bacillus coagulans


  • Supports healthy detoxification †
  • Reduces occasional constipation, gas and bloating †
  • Relieves symptoms of flatulence, abdominal distension and discomfort †
  • Promotes healthy elimination †
  • Supports healthy digestive function †
  • Helps to maintain healthy gut microflora †
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